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Solicitous + Delicious = Soo…LICIOUS
[soh-*lish*-us]; *adjective; *

  1. Showing great attention to another person
  2. Eager to please
  3. Particularly satisfying to the taste

Solicious Food Truck, Austin, Texas


Soo…LICIOUS is a food truck that has been in operation since the spring of 2016. We have 20+ years experience in the hospitality industry, so service and quality are our top priority. Whenever customers eat our food, they literally take a bite and say “this is soooo delicious”, hence, the name, Soo…LICIOUS! Customers enjoy the consistency of each dish, particularly the fried fish and shrimp, which is the top seller.



Owners Audrey & Devon

Owners Audrey & Devon

We’ve hosted many private and public events, including serving lunch at different local businesses, birthday parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, and catering for the VIP lineup at annual Music Festivals. The great thing about Soo…LICIOUS is that we can cook just about anything. Everything is cooked with extra planning and love. Now, take a look at our menu, where every meal is guaranteed to be Soo…LICIOUS!


TUE-SAT: 12 – 10PM

Owner/Operator: A. Specht